NEW! L-Theanine Gummies: -Theanine Gummies offer fast-acting stress relief in delicious, plant-based gummy form without hidden sugar, artificial colors or flavors. Promotes a tranquil mind and body, encourages relaxation in the body and mind, and supports a healthy response to everyday stress.

Calm My Brain: Quell your worried mind with this highly effective formula for relief of anxiousness, featuring the ultimate calming mineral magnesium, the powerful stress-busting herb KSM-66® ashwagandha, and the fast-acting amino acid L-theanine.*

Attention Support: Trouble concentrating? Can’t sit still? Attention Support contains natural ingredients selected for their clinically proven benefits to help you relax, stay calm, and increase your attention span.

Betaine TMG: Provides the nutrient betaine (trimethylglycine, TMG), which enhances SAMe for healthy mood; provides crucial methyl for DNA, brain neurotransmitters, melatonin and myelin production; and helps cells regulate their water content.

Craving Control: Anyone who has ever tried to make better choices knows all too well how cravings can sabotage the best intentions. Craving Control contains all-natural ingredients that help to calm the craving centers in our brain, balance blood sugar and promotes a positive mood.

Daily Essentials Bundle: Your daily mind and body essentials: NeuroVite Plus, Brain & Memory Power Boost, and Omega-3 Power fish oil softgels in one limited edition, money-saving bundle.

Daily Essentials with Squeeze: Your daily mind and body essentials: NeuroVite Plus, Brain & Memory Power Boost, and Omega-3 Power Squeeze fish oil liquid in one limited edition, money-saving bundle.

Support: Save your sick days! Boost your body’s natural defenses with these powerful, immune-boosting supplements. The Everyday Immunity Bundle contains fast-acting liposomal vitamin C and zinc bisglycinate chelate to ward off potential invaders and help you stay healthy year-round.

Everyday Stress Relief: Feeling overwhelmed with stress each day? Stress can do more harm than good for our bodies. Everyday Stress Relief replenishes our body’s levels of nutrients that can be depleted during times of excessive stress.

Focus & Energy: Clean energy that promotes mental sharpness and productivity all day long! Skip the caffeine and get focused with Dr. Amen’s natural, non-habit forming blend of adaptogens and energizing herbs for mental focus and concentration.

Happy Saffron Plus: A potent mood supplement that brings together three nutraceutical ingredients designed to improve mood, help cope with anxious feelings, and enhance focus while under mental strain.

Lithium Orotate: An ultra-pure source of lithium that promotes a healthy mood and positive attitude. The low-dose lithium in Lithium Orotate supports brain health. It is a safe and potent source of lithium that helps you maintain a positive mood and sense of well-being. Additionally, it supports cognitive function for people of all ages.

Magnesium Chewables: Our brains love magnesium! These powerful yet versatile vitamins help you feel calm under stress, sleep better, and encourage mental clarity with positive thinking.

Memory Bundle: Supercharge your brain, guard against memory loss, and begin to rescue your memory if it needs help. Our doctor-developed Memory Bundle is formulated with targeted nutrients for supporting healthy memory at any age.

NeuroLink: Feeling irritable or sad for no reason? NeuroLink helps to balance our emotional ups and downs by delivering an exclusive blend of key nutrients to neurotransmitters in our brain helping us to feel tranquil and clear.

BrainMD's GABA Calming Support: Calm your mind naturally with GABA Calming Support, an exclusive formula that contains clinically studied nutrients that help to calm your brain waves and help act as the biochemical “brakes” your brain needs to slow down your anxious or fretful thoughts.

Tyrosine: Provides l-tyrosine, an amino acid that the brain, adrenals, thyroid and other organs use to make neurotransmitters that are crucial to emotional balance and adaptability, especially when under mental strain.

Serotonin Mood Support: Does your mind race with negative thoughts? Try our customer favorite Serotonin Mood Support, which contains a patented form of saffron along with other key nutrients that help to promote calmness, positive mood, serotonin balance, and even healthy weight management.

SAMe Mood and Movement 400: SAMe Mood & Movement 400 provides SAMe (S-AdenosylMethionine), a nutrient with very high energy that helps power numerous enzymes important for the brain, joints, liver, muscles, and other organs. SAMe is fundamental to the body’s renewal, repair and overall well-being.

NeuroVite Plus Multivitamin: The first and only daily multivitamin that contains over 50 powerful vitamins, minerals, and plant extracts developed through clinical studies. NeuroVite Plus was formulated to provide whole-body wellness with additional key brain-healthy nutrients.

Omega-3 Power Squeeze: The ultra-pure EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids in this well absorbed, proprietary fish oil liquid promote positive mood, healthy attention, and whole-body health.

ProBrainBiotics: Healthy Gut – Better Brain! Did you know that your gut bacteria can positively influence your brain health? This two-month supply of ProBrainBiotics supports this important gut/brain connection.

NEW! BrainMD's ProBrainBiotics MAX: Dr. Amen’s NEW broad-spectrum super probiotic supplies 7 clinically studied probiotic strains for optimal intestinal support and inside-out health. Each strain is tested for identity, safety, and ease of use.

Put Me To Sleep Naturally Chewables: This breakthrough supplement is based on the latest research to promote recovery from the day’s stress, calm the mind and body, bring on sleep and provide deep, sustained, and quality sleep.

Restful Sleep: Sleep sound through the night with the help from natural ingredients and calming vitamins and minerals. Developed by brain expert Dr. Daniel Amen, Restful Sleep promotes sustained restorative sleep and relaxation without the groggy mornings.

Total Immune Health Bundle: Enhance your body’s natural defenses with powerful, immune-boosting supplements. The Total Immune Health Bundle contains fast-acting zinc bisglycinate chelate, liquid vitamin C, high potency vitamin D3, and an array of ultrapure vitamins and minerals to ward off potential invaders and help you stay healthy year-round.

Vitamin D3 5000: Highly-potent and pure vitamin D3 that the body readily converts to a hormone important for the brain, heart and circulation, immunity, bone, muscle, lung, joints, kidneys, and overall vitality.

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